Put Simply Protection is all about 'Your Plan B'. By planning in advance you can protect you, your family and your business against life’s uncertainties. We can help you choose the right solution to ensure that you are protected against loss of earnings in the event of illness, loss on income in the event of a loved one’s death or to replace a lump sum in the event of death or illness.

Family Protection

We can help you assess the need for protection against death or illness of you or a family member. You may need to plan for the following:

  • To ensure that any borrowings are covered – i.e. Mortgage or Term Life Cover
  • To cover a loss of income through death or illness – Income Protection or Income on Death
  • To provide a lump sum is should you have a sudden loss and need the financial support – Lump Sum on Death/Life Cover
  • A policy to pay the C.A.T (tax on inheritance) – A section 72 Life Cover Policy

If you have planned to protect yourself and your family against such events you will ensure that they can continue the life that you had planned for them.

Family With Sunset

Business Protection

Hard-working, creative and valued employees are the most powerful assets available to any business. That is why it makes sense to protect, against the impact, the loss of earnings would have on your business due to the death or illness of a key employee.

You may wish to have cover in place to ensure that the sudden loss of a company director, through death or serious illness doesn’t cause instability to the business. By putting in place a policy that would pay out sufficient monies to purchase the remaining shares from the director or their next of kin. This would allow the remaining directors to regain control of the company while allowing the family of the former director to be financially looked after.

CMOR financial service advisors can offer you on a number of options covering key employees, Directors, Shareholders and Partners.

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